and Astralis will play for $250,000 in ELEAGUE Major Redemption Match

Today it has become known that ELEAGUE will give a chance to to make a rematch of the Grand Final of the past ELEAGUE Major 2017. will play against Astralis in the showmatch for $250,000, which will be called ELEAGUE’s Clas For Cash: The Rematch. Turner Sports has announced about this today.

In the last match of the past ELEAGUE Major 2017 had won the first map with a score 16:12, then Astralis won de_overpass with a score 16:12 and de_train with a score 16:12. It is worth noticing that Danes made the unbelievable comeback in the final map, when had to make only one step to win, having a significant advantage. As a result, Astralis won the trophy of ELEAGUE Major 2017 and the money prize in the sum of $500,000. faced Astralis again in the next large tournament and sent the Danish team to the 4th place with a devastating score and they won the tournament later.

After DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 VP continued to dominate over Astralis at ESL Pro League Season 5 Europe. After this Astralis could fight back against the Polish team at ECS Season 3 Europe, however, could settle the score a little later.

According to the history of two teams, ELEAGUE Major Redemption Match will have to become a beautiful showmatch. Both teams have enough motivation to win the match.