Valve keep working on «Hydra»

Valve released update with Weapons Expert replacing Wingman as a main mode for Hydra.

Besides, the developers introduced various changes to maps and bug fixes.


— Fixed various bugs
— Wingman has now been removed from the Hydra Event playlist and has been replaced by Weapons Expert
— Wingman ranks now show in lobbies (and possibly at the end of matches?)
— You must now play a few games of Wingman / Weapons Expert to gain your skill group instead of having it instantly
— Dust 2 has been removed from Stab Stab Zap and replaced by Shorttrain
— Air Acceleration has been tuned up to 20,000 in Flying Scoutsman



— Removed one-way textures and wallbang spots
— Removed stuck spot off side of map
— Patched a few unintended boost spots


— Removed boost spots from some trees
— Fixed a Fade-To-Black bug in deathmatch modes


— Added player clipping above boxes at CT spawn in de_shortdust to prevent visibility in unintended areas


— Fixed a regression in lighting for old community maps that interacted badly with new lighting features. Newer maps with lighting problems can be fixed by recompiling them in Hammer


— Added more back-end UI work in preparation for Panorama switch. Please report any new UI bugs to
— Fixed tickrate-dependence in spray patterns for fast-firing weapons. Thanks SlothSquadron & friends!
— Fixed incorrect skin tones on some player gloves
— Fixed a bug where 2v2 scoreboard would show round win icons for the first half on the wrong side after halftime
— Updated Operation Hydra gamemode names used in Rich Presence


— Can now see other player's ranks in competitive sometimes. However, this bug more than often displays your current rank, or one that isn't true to the player. Most players have reported, however, that it only shows their own rank upon other players based on their scoreboard position. For example, if you are 5th place and slowly progress to 1st, everyone on the scoreboard has your rank.
— More than often, for some reason, no matter where players aim, their shots hit directly on the floor below them. They do register correctly to the server, but not to the client. This causes a horrible distraction to the player. ValveRyan has mentioned that a current workaround is to unplug any controller from your PC.
— Crosshair is appearing over the AWP scope, and is also appearing when unscoped too.

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