The schedule of ESEA #24 Global Challenge was announced

ESEA has informed about new details of the upcoming ESEA Season 24 Global Challenge.

The final stage of the league ESEA Season 24  Global Challenge will be carried out these weekends. The LAN-final will be hosted in Lester, the United Kingdom. The ESL studio will become the venue of the LAN-final and the prize pool will amount $50,000.

The representatives of the European division, North America, Australia and Brazil will participate in MDL Finals. The final stage will be started by the group stage with matches in a best-of-one (bo1) format. 4 best participants will come out to the playoff with a Single Elimination bracket, where matches will be played in a best-of-three (bo3) format.

Participants have been seeded into groups in the following way:

Group A

PENTA Sports
Dark Sided

Group B

paiN Gaming
Team BIG

The schedule of Global Challenge:

Saturday, May 13

12:00 GODSENT vs Dark Sided
13:05 PENTA vs Enigma6
14:10 Splyce vs paiN Gaming
15:15 Ghost vs Team BIG
16:20 Group A Winners match
17:25 Group B Winners match
18:30 Group A Elimination match
19:35 Group B Elimination match
20:40 Group A Decider match
21:45 Group B Decider match

Sunday, May 14

13:00 Semi Final #1
14:55 Semi Final #2
21:00 Grand Final