The results of the Chinese qualification to StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3

MVP.Project, 5Power Club and TyLoo have been able to hold the first three places in the Chinese qualifying stage to StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 and have received invites to the LAN-finals of the upcoming tournament.

The first qualification to SL i-League StarSeries #3, which has been carried among the Chinese teams, has been over. The winner of the qualifying round has become the team MVP.Project, which has won 5Power Club in the Grand Final. TyLoo could hold the third place at the tournament and received the invite to the LAN-final of the tournament from the organizers.

Before three Chinese teams received their invites, the following teams had been invited to the tournament: Astralis,, FaZe Clan, Gambit eSports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, North, SK Gaming, Natus Vincere.

The MVP.Project’s roster:

Lee «XigN» Hyun-pyo
Kim «HSK» Hae-sung
Jeon «rindA» Jung-hyeon
Kwon «Argency» Soon-woo
Jung «kAyle» Soo-Yong

The 5Power Club’s roster:

HongGuang «Stevie» Li
Wei «shuadapai» Wang
Lei «chzMONSTA» Li
Zhihai «QKA» Fu
ZhenDong «Aizhu» Mo

The TyLoo’s roster:

Ke «Mo» Liu
Hui «DD» Wu
Haowen «somebody» Xu
YuanZhang «AttackeR» Sheng