The participants in the playoff of Americas and Asia Minor Championship have been defined

Last night the decisive matches of the group stage ended up and now thanks to them we know four participants in the final stage.

Americas Minor Championship - Katowice 2019

Such teams as Bravado Gaming and INTZ eSports and also Team Envy and Team One were playing at the last matches of the American minor. INTZ and Team Envy turned out to be the winners of the meetings winning over their opponents by the score of 2-0 and 2-1, respectively.

Today the first matches of the playoff will take place. At the first of them, that, by the way, will start at 19:15 (UTC +3), NRG Esports and Team Envy will be playing, and at the second, that will start at 22:45 (UTC +3) — FURIA Esports and INTZ eSports.


Asia Minor Championship - Katowice 2019

Yesterday Grayhound Gaming and CyberZen played at the decisive matches and also GOSU and Vici Gaming. At the first match the game ended up by the score of 2-1 for Grayhound Gaming, and at the second by the score of 2-0 for Vici Gaming.

Today the first matches of the playoff stage will be held. At 12:00 (UTC +3) Renegades and Vici Gaming will be playing, and at 15:30 there will be held a fight between MVP PK and Grayhound Gaming for getting to the final of the upper bracket.