The next SL i-League Invitational will take place in Shanghai

A new season of CS:GO StarLadder i-League Invitational will be hosted in Shanghai. Organizers have informed about this in their press release.

8 teams will divide a prize pool in the sum of $150,000 on November 2-5. Five participants will receive direct invitations to the final stage of the tournament. The rest three teams will have to pass through the close qualifiers in Europe, CIS, and China.

Two participants that have been invited to the tournament are known at the moment.

The list of participants:

Gambit eSports (Major winner)
TyLoo (China)
TBA (North America)
TBA (Europe)
TBD (Closed qualification #1)
TBD (Closed qualification #2)
TBD (Closed qualification #3)

The qualifying round will be run in two stages in Europe and CIS. In the first one, 16 teams will be divided into two Single Elimination brackets. Finalists of each bracket will get to the second stage, in which 4 invited teams will join them. One best team will be determined from eight participants of each region, it will receive a slot at the LAN final.

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A prize pool will be distributed in the following way:

1st place — $75,000
2nd place — $35,000
3rd place —$15,000
4th place — $10,000
5th place — $4,500
6th place — $4,500
7th place — $3,000
8th place — $3,000

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