The new information about the organization PRO100

Recently Daniil «Zeus» Teslenko has given an interview about the future of the organization PRO100, in which direction it will move and others.

First of all, it is worth to say about PRO100 to have acquired a CS:GO roster and a coach for the team. The organization has signed the roster of Act of Cybergame (Team ACG), its roster includes such players as smike, def, crush, kenzor and flarich. The coach is still the same F_1N, who helped the abovementioned five to achieve new heights, while they were playing under the tag ACG.

After Daniil Teslenko decided to revive the tag pro100, lots of people were interested in the future of the cyber sportsman. Daniil made the following answer to the question about the future of one of the Gambit eSports players:

«I will continue to play with my current team. As a president, I will be directly involved in everything, but my main task will be the creation of the team and development of professionals who can achieve good results. Of course «one man, no man» and that’s why I need people who are better than me. They will share their experience and knowledge with me and together we will build PRO100. It is very important for us to achieve the right microclimate within the organization and to let people realize themselves within the team. This is my first goal. Throughout my eSports career, I was building a team that can achieve great results. The organization is the same thing but you have much more people working there. Also, I spend a lot of time on the game and plan to win more than one Major. Everyone is waiting for big victories, and I try not to disappoint my fans. I work hard.»

Also, Daniil has said that the organization is multi-gaming. Besides the CS:GO roster, the management of pro100 will sign other teams too. However, the management will be very responsible in the selection of the team to work with. Daniil «Zeus» Teslenko made the following statement about these and future plans for the organization:

«We want to create a second roster - PRO100 Academy. We know that it is really hard for young talents to get on professional scene. That's why we want to give everyone a chance to get into a professional team. You can show us how good you are at the tournaments on ZeusCyberSchool. We are actively watching the scene and all the players who play in the tournaments. This is a real, affordable and very good chance to get into an eSports for young talents.»

pro100 roster:

Sergey «smike» Sklyarenko
Igor «crush» Shevchenko
Dmitriy «def» Lemeshuk
Leonard «kenzor» Volodarchuk
Vadim «Flarich» Karetin
Ivan «F_1N» Kochugov (coach)

You can read the full interview with Zeus on the official website of the organization.