The kNgV- roster announced

Lucas «LUCAS1» Teles published the full list of his roster’s participants on his official Twitter page, it includes Henrique «HEN1» Teles, Vito «kNgV-» Giuseppe, Lincoln «fnx» Lau and Bruno «BIT» Lima. Despite the fact that the majority of players has contracts with Immortals - the roster is in the active search for an organization.

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It is worth to notice that this team can take part in ELEAGUE Major 2018 as three players have a status of “Legend” and a slot at the Major tournament is assigned to players, not to an organization.

The kNgV~ roster:

Lucas «LUCAS1» Teles
Henrique «HEN1» Teles
Vito «kNgV-» Giuseppe
Lincoln «fnx» Lau
Bruno «BIT» Lima