Tenzki, cromen and zEVES joined the main roster of Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas has informed about replacements in the CS:GO roster on its official website.

The Norwegian cyber-sportsman Jørgen «cromen» Robertsen and the Danish player Jesper «Tenzki» Mikalski were moved to the main roster. Previously cromen and Tenzki had held a place on the bench of substitutes. These changes are not the only one in the organization. Morten «zEVES» Mollan joined Team Dignitas.

Mikail «Maikelele» Bill and Faruk «pita» Pita will become inactive players.

Jesper «Tenzki» Mikalski was playing under the colors of Team Dignitas from October 2015 to July 2016. The team together with him could win DreamHack Tours 2016. After the player left Team Dignitas, Tenzki continued a career of a cyber-sportsman in Team Unity.

Jørgen «cromen» Robertsen could show himself from a good side, replacing Mikail «Maikelele» Bill during the game at the closed qualification to EU Minor Championship 2017 — Krakow.

The Norwegian coach Morten «zEVES» Vollan has joined the team together with players, he will help the team to improve a communication with each other and to create smarter in-game strategies. Before he started a coaching career, zEVES had played for such teams as Copenhagen Wolves and Norse.

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The comment of Jørgen «cromen» Robertsen:

«It is an honor to move into a starting position with a legendary organization like Team Dignitas and play alongside such experienced teammates. This is a perfect opportunity for me to show my potential to the team and the world. Lately, our results have shown great improvement and we can be a top contender with more time to practice and synergize together. We are fortunate to have such incredible fans, leadership and sponsors supporting us.»

The comment of the managing director of Team Dignitas Michael «ODEE» O’dell:

«Piecing together a successful team is an art. Over my years in the eSports industry I find my greatest satisfaction and challenge is assembling talented lineups with the potential to become world champions. I welcome our new coach zEVES and we welcome back Tenzki. Cromen is an obvious talent who will make a lot of noise moving forward. I look forward to seeing this squad at the world’s most elite competitions.»

The roster of Team Dignitas:

Ricardo «fox» Pacheco
Ruben «RUBINO» Villarroel
Joakim «jkaem» Myrbostad
Jørgen «cromen» Robertsen
Jesper «Tenzki» Plougmann
Morten «zEVES» Vollan (Coach)

Mikail «Maikelele» Bill (inactive)
Faruk «pita» Pita (inactive)