SK Telecom T1 are the winners of LCK Coca-Cola Zero Spring 2017

The current League of Legends champions of the world managed to win in Coca Cola Spring tournament and earned $88,000.

The last team between SK Telecom T1 and the winning was KT Rolster. SKT1 defeated the opponents with 3:0 score and became the champions of LCK Coca-Cola Zero Spring 2017 receiving $88,000 reward, 90 Championship Points and invitation to Mid-Season Invitational 2017.

SK Telecom T1 received the place in Grand final in play-off stage due to their results in the regular season taking the first place after 18 tours. Their opponents, KT Rolster started their road in the play-off from the second round, and MVP became their first opponents. In the semi-final, they defeated Samsung Galaxy with 3:0 score as well as MVP.

SK Telecom T1 roster:

Heo «Huni» Seung-hoon
Han «Peanut» Wang-ho
Lee «Faker» Sang-hyeok
Bae «Bang» Jun-sik
Lee «Wolf» Jae-wan

Results of LCK Coca-Cola Zero Spring 2017:

1 place — SK Telecom T1 — ~$88,000
2 place — KT Rolster — ~$53,000
3 place — Samsung Galaxy — ~$26,000
4 place — MVP — ~$18,000
5 place — Afreeca Freecs — ~$13,000