Sergey «starix» Ischuk left Team Spirit

Today, Team Spirit organization announced on their official website that starix left the team.

As the reason for this decision, Team Spirit called the lack of noticeable development for the past few weeks. In a new season, Spirit did not manage to qualify to any of the big events. Except for that, they told that this was a mutual decision.

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Now, only 4 players remained in the roster. The press-release gave a reason to think that the announcement of the fifth player will happen soon, and till that time, Vladislav «arch» Svistov will be a stand-in.

Ruslan Burgin, Team Spirit manager, commentaries:

«This was uneasy decision, but we talked to Sergey and came to the conclusion that would be better for the team and his personal growth. Sergey will be a member of organization though, and we offered him a couple of ways for further cooperation. Now, everything depends on Sergey, and he needs some time to make a decision».

Team Spirit CS:GO current roster:

Pavel «COLDYY1» Veklenko
Dmitriy «S0tF1k» Forostyanko
Vadim «DavCost» Vasiliev
Dmitriy «Dima» Bandurka