Rumors: FC Legia became a sponsor of Team Kinguin

More and more sports organizations are attracted with the desire to earn money with esports. We have already met situations when football clubs signed esports rosters. Football club Valencia has signed contract with Hearthstone players, Beşiktaş is a sponsor of one of the League of Legends rosters.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive joined the list of esports disciplined sponsored by classic sports organization. The rumors appeared that Polish football team Legia decided to support its compatriots from Team Kinguin. Now Team Kinguin roster stays at bootcamp at Legia Warsaw Stadium.

Kinguin players tried to keep this information in a secret. However, they confirmed the rumors with their photos and videos which appeared in their social networks.

This news is rather interesting for a public because Wiktor Cegła, marketing director of FC Legia, was previously an executive director of, one of the biggest Polish videogame portals.

Have Team Kinguin and Legia already reached some agreement or they only started cooperation? We will find out the details soon.