Rumor: TaZ will leave

The reason of this decision is unsatisfactory conditions offered to the esportsman. On 1 May he can become a free agent and start to look for a new team. DeKay referred to the source that is close to the situation to prove that his words are true.

Jarek ‘DeKay’ Lewis said that the issue of the contract with Wiktor ‘TaZ’ Wojtas is interesting, complicated and it deserves a separate material indeed. According to him, all the players including TaZ were offered a less salary and moving to Warsaw. To his mind, the roster can fall apart.

It's worth mentioning that on HLTV TaZ is described as a player of the team

As a reminder, on 19 February Team Kinguin held a rebranding and as a result, the name of the team was changed to TaZ had been playing for the team for 13 months. During this period of time, the player won DreamHack Montreal 2018 and the ESL championship in Poland. Besides, they became silver finalists of ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018.