Rogue signed a roster for CS:GO

Recently, esports organization Rogue announced on their Twitter account signing CS:GO roster.

A North American organization signed such players as shinobi, vice, wrath, WARDELL and Hiko, who is known for his performance for Team Liquid, where he was playing for a half of a year.

Also, Grt joined a team as a player. Previously, he was a coach for such teams as Splyce and Counter Logic Gaming.

Three of the players already have an experience of playing together. Shinobi, vice and wrath fought side by side while being members of Enigma6Group. Among the achievements of these players we should mention 7-8 place on ESEA 24 Global Challenge.

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Josh «shinobi» Abastado will take the position of a captain:

Rogue roster:

Spencer «Hiko» Martin
Josh «shinobi» Abastado
Daniel «vice» Kim
Collin «wrath» McSweegan
Matthew «WARDELL» Yu
Garett «Grt» Bambrough (coach)