Rickeh joined Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming confirmed information that Australian player Ricardo «Rickeh» Mulholland, who will become the fifth player of the team after James «hazed» Cobb leaving.

Two months gone after hazed left Counter Logic Gaming. CLG have been looking for the fifth player and at last they stated that they have already found an esportsman who will replace James «hazed» Cobb — Ricardo «Rickeh» Mulholland.

Before joining Counter Logic Gaming Ricardo «Rickeh» Mulholland was a stand-in for Renegades for a long time.

The strategic coach of Counter Logic Gaming Chet «ImAPet» Singh told that Rickeh will become the second AWP after Kenneth «koosta» Suen.

Chet Singh wrote on the official website of Counter Logic Gaming:

«We decided on Rickeh because we were looking for a consistent and experienced talent. Rickeh has shown to be a strong rifler and playmaker in practice. In addition to rifling, he will also be our secondary AWPer in most maps. Koosta will remain our primary AWPer. Rickeh is a great addition to the team and I'm excited to work with this roster and to show that we can be a strong force in future LAN tournaments.»

Counter Logic Gaming new roster:

Stephen «reltuC» Cutler
Kenneth «koosta» Suen
Ethan «nahtE» Arnold
Pujan «FNS» Mehta
Ricardo «Rickeh» Mulholland