No_one has left Selfless Gaming

The player Matthew «no_one» Congdon, which was playing for the North American team Selfless Gaming, made a decision to have a rest from the competitive scene and left the organization. The search for a substitution has not been so long - Chris «CJ-da-k1ng» Jones has been moved from a reserve to the main roster.

Matthew «no_one» Congdon joined Selfless Gaming in August last year and during his presence, he was not able to help the team to reach any important heights in professional CS:GO. The help in passing several qualifications can only be referred to the activity of the player including the qualifiers to WESG 2016 and ESL Pro League Season 5.

The roster of Selfless Gaming:

Noah «Nifty» Francis
Jacob «kaboose» MacDonald
Chris «CJ-da-k1ng» Jones
Terry «dsr» Ryu (standin)
Alec «Slemmy» White (standin)