Ninjas in Pyjamas refused from friberg’s services

Ninjas in Pyjamas has stated on their official website today that their partnership with Adam «friberg» Friberg had come to the end.

Adam Friberg has protected the colors of Ninjas in Pyjamas since August 10, 2012. The head of NiP decided to bench Adam Friberg last year after the arrival of 19 years old Fredrik «REZ» Sterner. After that, friberg informed about his desire to move to the North American division and was open for offers, however, it is unknown at the moment where the Swedish player will continue his career.

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Adam Friberg has written the following on Twitter:

«The last couple of weeks I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do, keep on playing or try something else. I still feel the hunger and will to keep on playing CSGO at the top level, put in those extra hours to be able to lift a trophy again.

After talking with NiP, they have agreed to release me from my contract and put me out as a free agent for the coming season. After being part of the organisation since it's rebirth in 2012 it will be strange to not represent them while playing, both the organisation and players will still have a big place in my heart.

If you have an offer you can reach me on Twitter DM or email to:»

The time of reshuffles has come and there are no doubts that the Swedish player will receive a good offer from European and North American organizations.