New details of China Top 2017 Shenzhen

Organizers of the upcoming CS:GO tournament have published the schedule for the championship.

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The final stage of China Top 2017 Shenzhen will take place on November 19-22. The general prize pool amounts ¥750,000 (~$113,000). The main monetary prize amounts ¥ 500,000 (~$75,000). Flash Gaming, TyLoo, Vega Squadron and AGO Gaming will take part in the tournament.

Teams will fight in bo3 matches in a Double Elimination bracket.

The schedule for the tournament:

Sunday, November 19

05:30 TyLoo vs Vega Squadron
08:20 Flash Gaming vs AGO Gaming

Monday, November 20

07:00 Lower bracket, Round 1

Tuesday, November 21

07:00 Upper bracket, Round 1

Wednesday, November 22

06:50 The final of the lower bracket

Thursday, November 23

05:10 Grand final