Nemiga won regional qualifiers to WESG 2017

Nemiga demonstrated the best results in East European qualifiers to WESG 2017 and got to the regional final.

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Except for Nemiga in the qualifying stage of East European teams from Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania participated

In the final stage of qualifiers, Nemiga defeated ex-Outlaws with 2-1 score (16:9 on de_mirage, 3:16 on de_overpass and 16:13 on de_cobblestone). To get their winning, Nemiga defeated such teams $GODMODE$, Prophecy and BPro Gaming.

Nemiga roster:

Roman «CyberFocus» Dergach
Vladimir «ROBO» Neskey
Kirill «hitMouse» Tsarev
Roman «roman» Redikhin
Aleksander «mds» Rubets

Yirii «keep3r» Mickulchik (coach)

Nemiga will participate in WESG EU & CIS Finals, that will take place in Barcelona.

List of participants for WESG EU & CIS Regional Finals:

Team Ukraine
Team EnVyUs
Space Soldiers
United Kingdom
Central Europe
Baltics + Scandinavia
Denmark #1
Denmark #2
Sweden #1
Sweden #2
Russia #1
Russia #2
Poland #1
Poland #2