Mousesports received an invitation to DreamHack Summer 2017

The organizers of DreamHack Summer 2017 have announced that mousesports will take part in the upcoming tournament.

The European mix, which is on the 15th place of the best world teams, according to, has become the 4th team to receive a direct invitation to DreamHack Summer 2017 from the organizers of the tournament. Previously invitations were received by SK Gaming, Gambit eSports and Fnatic. DreamHack Open Summer 2017 will be hosted in Jönköping, Sweden on July 17-19. Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre will be the venue of the LAN-final and the prize pool will amount $100,000.

8 participants will take part in the championship. 6 of them will receive direct invites and two other participants will have to pass through the qualification in Europe and North America.

The list of participants:

SK Gaming
Gambit eSports
Direct invite #5
Direct invite #6
Qualification in Europe
Qualification in North America