Mortal Kombat return to the professional CS:GO arena

The esports organization announced that the team decided to revive their existence and will start to participate in CS:GO tournaments.

The Bulgarian roster was dismissed on January, 29 when Emiliyan «spyleadeR» Dimitrov and Nikolay «nkl» Krastev did not manage to solve their conflict. The team decided to stop their participation in tournaments and to disband players.

Yesterday, the information appeared that Mortal Kombat players gathered again and are ready to protect the colors of their organization.

Mortal Kombat is one of the most successful teams in South Western Europe. Their biggest achievement is ESEA Season 22 Global Premier Challenge that took place in Katowice, Poland.

Shortly before the announcement of MK, Rogue announced that v1c7oR and bubble left the team.

Viktor «v1c7oR» Dyankov commented the returning of MK to the professional arena in the following way:

«Our main goals are to qualify for the ESL Pro League, all IEM tournaments, ESL One Cologne and the Minor, where we will try to qualify for the Major.

We want to become a top team, keep the same lineup and earn more achievements than ever. We want to make Bulgarian fans happy once again.

We are open to any offers, and we can be reached at»

Mortal Kombat new roster:

Viktor «v1c7oR» Dyankov
Kamen «bubble» Kostadinov
Emiliyan «spyleadeR» Dimitrov
Simeon «dream3r» Ganev
Hristian «shEMETA» Spasov

Nikolay «nkl» Krastev (Minor/Major stand-in)