Mortal Kombat disbanded again

SpyleadeR and nkl had some conflicts.

The information appeared that the team under Mortal Kombat tag has been disbanded again. The official reason has not been released yet, but there are rumors that leaders of the roster Emiliyan «spyleadeR» Dimitrov and Nikolay «nkl» Krustev could not play together.

Right after being created, the team tried to participate in different qualifications, but it was quite challenging for them. Their best achievement was 3-4 place on the open qualifiers to IEM Season XI World Championship.

Mortal Kombat ex-roster:

Emiliyan «spyleadeR» Dimitrov
Nikolay «nkl» Krustev
Nikolay «niki1» Pantaleev
Teodor «psycho» Naidenov
Christian «shEMETA» Spasov