Luminosity Gaming prevailed at WCA North America Finals

Luminosity received a chance to compete in WCA 2017 Finals after a victory over CLG in the final of WCA North America with a score 2-1.

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Four invited teams and four qualified teams fought in a Single Elimination bracket and divided $19,164.

The table of results of WCA North America:

1st place — Luminosity Gaming — a slot in WCA Finals and $11,280
2nd place — Counter Logic Gaming — $5,630
3rd place — compLexity Gaming — $2,260
4th place — Misfits
5th-8th place — Tempo Storm
5th-8th place — Vault
5th-8th place — Gale Force eSports
5th-8th place — Gorilla Core

The final stage of World Cyber Arena 2017 Finals will take place in Yinchuan, China on December 17-22.

The list of participants of WCA 2017 Finals:

Chiefs eSports
Next Generation
Aimers Alive
Luminosity Gaming
Gambit eSports
China #1
China #2
Europe #1
Europe #2
Europe #3