Luminosity Gaming made it to ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals

The team from France, G2 Esports placed first with a statistic 3-0 in Europe. The 2nd and 3rd places were taken by Natus Vincere and Fnatic. Windigo Gaming held the last place.

Having held the first place, Luminosity Gaming grabbed their slot in North America. MIBR and Cloud9 placed second and third and Team Envy, in turn, was eliminated from the competition due to the fourth place.

With regard to the Asian division, the first two places were held by TYLOO and MVP PK. Vici Gaming and 5Power Gaming placed last.

Now, we have found out the name of the sixth team, which will go to ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals. Luminosity Gaming will mousesports, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, NRG Esports, and Team Liquid.

EPL #9 Finals will take place in the French city Montpellier on June 18-23. 16 teams will divide the general prize pool in the sum of $750,000 and the main prize will be $250,000.