Kinguin and received invite to ECS Development League

Kinguin and LDLC will participate in the fourth season of ECS, in Development League, where the will compete against other teams for moving to ECS Promotion.

A Polish team and a European mix became the third and the fourth participant of ECS Development League. The first two teams were tRICKED eSport and Fragsters. In general, 8 teams will participate in Development League. The organizers of the league will invite other 4 participants directly.

Two best teams will get into ECS Promotion where they will compete against and Team Dignitas to get into the main season of Esports Championship Series Season 4.

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Team roster:

Kévin «Ex6TenZ» Droolans
Antoine «to1nou» Pirard
Alexander «ALEX» McMeekin
Mathieu «Maniac» Quiquerez
Timothée «DEVIL» Démolon

Team Kinguin roster:

Michał «MICHU» Müller
Grzegorz «SZPERO» Dziamałek
Mikołaj «mouz» Karolewski
Karol «rallen» Rodowicz
Bartosz «Hyper» Wolny

List of qualified teams to ECS Development League:

tRICKED eSport
Team Kinguin
Invite #1
Invite #2
Invite #3
Invite #4