jkaem leaves Faze Clan

The Norwegian esportsman is planning to become a streamer.

The news appeared that Joakim «jkaem» Myrbostad decided to leave FaZe Clan. This information was published in the official Twitter account of the player. Lately, he did not participate in the main roster, and was a substitute, and this was now what he wanted.

On November 9, of the current year, the team management decided that Joakim’s game became worse so they decided to move him to the list of substitute players. Fabien «kioShiMa» Fiey returned to the main roster substituting Joakim. Now, Joakim is sure the team has made a proper decision.

Myrbostad did not announce where he will continue his career, but he noticed that he had already got several offers from esports organizations. Despite that, he is planning to become a CS:GO streamer for some time.

FaZe Clan current roster:

Håvard «rain» Nygaard
Philip «aizy» Aistrup
Aleksi «allu» Jalli
Fabien «kioShiMa» Fiey
Finn «karrigan» Andersen