Jason «jasonR» Ruchelski has joined OpTic Gaming

After Peter «stanislaw» Jarguz has left OpTic Gaming, the organization is in search of a cyber sportsman, who will become the permanent 5th player in the CS:GO roster.

This time the time has come for Jason «jasonR» Ruchelski to show himself, he is famous for the streaming on his Twitch channel. The player will become the captain of OpTic Gaming. Tarik Celik has said about this on his official Twitter account.

Previously Spencer «Hiko» Martin and fREAKAZOiD have been the 5th player of the team. Also, Luis «peacemaker» Tadeu used to be in the team, after his leaving he has said that the team requires the concentration and the good organization. The main CS:GO roster of the team consists of RUSH, NAF, mixwell and tarik at the moment.

The roster of OpTic Gaming:

Will «RUSH» Wierzba
Tarik «tarik» Celik
Óscar «mixwell» Cañellas
Keith «NAF» Markovic
Jason «jasonR» Ruchelski (stand-in)