Jacob «Pimp» Winneche is now a substitute for Team Liquid

The American esports organization announced on the official website that one of the CS:GO roster main players Jacob «Pimp» Winneche became a substitute.

Jacob has been playing for the main roster of Team Liquid for 9 months, from June, last year.

The withdrawal of the esportsman from the main roster is the second big change for the team that happened recently. The first change was a replacement of Spencer «Hiko» Martin for Peter «stanislaw» Jarguz.

Jacob Winneche's commentaries:

«It’s with mixed feeling of sadness and excitement that I will no longer be a part of the Team Liquid starting roster. I no longer feel that playing for Liquid fulfills my personal expectations & goals, nor do I feel I can provide the commitment necessary to continue with the team on a long term basis.

It has been a great ride and an experience I would not trade for anything in the world. I am not done as a player by any means, and I am actively looking for another team with a vision similar to mine. I want to take this time to thank Liquid for everything they’ve done and provided for me, a life experience I wouldn’t be without!»

Team Liquid roster

Nick «nitr0» Cannella
Jonathan «EliGE» Jablonowski
Josh «jdm64» Marzano
Peter «stanislaw» Jarguz
Jacob «Pimp» Winneche (substitute)

Wilton «zews» Prado (coach)