Immortals sidelined fnx

Rumors about the leave of Lincoln «fnx» Lau from the main roster have been confirmed. Today the organization has informed about the Brazilian to be put on the bench of substitutes.

The coach of the team, Rafael «zakk» Fernandes will play instead of him as the substitution for now.

Lincoln Lau has been in the main roster for three months. During this time, the player helped the team to hold the 3rd-4th place at Intel Extreme Masters XI: World Championship, the 2nd place at DreamHack Austin 2017 and to win EsportsArena Santa Ana Showdown Championship. The team could hold only the 9th-11th place at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3.

Immortals are in search of the regular 5th player now. This made known a little later after the coach of the team had played as a stand-in at Subaru Invitational.

Immortals have commented this situation on their official Facebook group in the following way:

«The Immortals CS:GO team has been working hard to reach the next level of competition. As an organization, we remain focused on reaching the top while building a long-term foundation for success. One of the biggest problems we’ve faced are internal issues that, unfortunately, affected in-game performance.Maintaining a healthy atmosphere is extremely important to us. We are benching Lincoln «fnx» Lau. Immortals is accepting trade offers from other teams, and we will be looking for a permanent replacement for our roster. In the meantime, fnx’s slot will be filled by our capable coach, Rafael «zakk» Fernandes.»

The roster of Immortals looks as follows at this moment:

Lucas «steel» Lopes
Henrique «HEN1» Teles
Lucas «LUCAS1» Teles
Ricardo «boltz» Prass
Rafael «zakk» Fernandes (coach, stand-in)

Lincoln «fnx» Lau (Inactive)