Immortals hired two stand-ins to take part in ESL Pro League

It has become known recently that Immortals had taken on two stand-ins to compete in ESL Pro League.

WESA Executive Board made a decision to update the rules of Pro League, having allowed teams to make the third transfer during the whole season if the circumstance is urgent.

Now, Immortals have announced that Bruno «shz» Martinelli and Lucas «destiny» Bullo had become team’s stand-ins for ESL Pro League. The team has recently been left by Teles brothers: Lucas «LUCAS1» Teles and Henrique «HEN1» Teles. They decided to follow the lead of Vito «kNgV-» Giuseppe, who had left the team on September 20. Despite the fact that LUCAS1 and HEN1 have refused to play for Immortals, their contracts with the organization are still valid and the management of the CS:GO roster has put them up for sale.

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Destiny and shz are players of Tempo Storm and represent the organization that signed ex-paiN Gaming about a month ago.

One of Immortals players, João «horvy» Horvath is still waiting for an answer to his visa request.

Immortals will participate in ESL Pro League Season 6 as the following roster:

Ricardo «boltz» Prass
Lucas «steel» Lopes
Bruno «shz» Martinelli
Lucas «destiny» Bullo
Rafael «zakk» Fernandes (coach)
João «horvy» Horvath (awaiting visa clearance)