HS and fox are assembling a new team

It has become known that Ricardo «fox» Pacheco and Kevin «HS» Tarn are going to play together. Christian «loWel» Garcia Antoran and Paweł «Innocent» Mocek will join the above-mentioned players, however, the quartet hasn’t determined the fifth esportsman and are testing various options.

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It is worth to notice that Paweł «Innocent» Mocek is in the organization Sprout at the moment, however, the German esports club is open for a transfer. Also, the team has no sponsorship, however, negotiates with Tempo Storm, Sprout and Preparation.

The new roster with HS:

Ricardo «fox» Pacheco
Kevin «HS» Tarn
Christian «loWel» Garcia Antoran
Paweł «Innocent» Mocek