Heroic signed es3tag

Patrick «es3tag» Hansen, tRICKED eSport ex-player, joined Heroic and replaced Valdemar «valde» Bjørn Vangså who recently left the team.

After leaving tRICKED eSport, es3tag decided to follow in his ex-teammates, Nikolaj «niko» Kristensen and Jakob «JUGi» Hansen and move from tRICKED to Heroic.

On May 21, Valdemar «valde» Bjørn Vangså left main Heroic roster. Since that time, the players have been looking for someone to join the team.

Patrick «es3tag» Hansen has commented his transfer in the following way:

«I am thrilled to be playing with Heroic, who I know from playing with a couple of the guys earlier, but more importantly is a major step up for me. It’s my ambition to be among the best, and Heroic has the potential to be an absolute top contender.

I’ve been shown around the facilities at RFRSH and been introduced to the set-up, and I am really looking forward to be a part of a top professional environment like this. I have only good things to say about Tricked and the guys in the organization, but this is a major step up compared to what I’ve experienced before.

Short term we have some extremely important tournaments ahead of us and little time to prepare, but I’ve already pracced with the team, so I think we’ll be in good shape. The competition is fierce, but long term, the ambition is to be in top 10 and ultimately to take on the top teams.»

Henrik «FeTiSh» Christensen commentaries:

«I’ve been very focused upon finding a player who can contribute to the team from day one and we had several highly qualified candidates. Individual skills and team work has been key words, and eventhough we knew him beforehand, I must say es3tag has impressed me during the days we’ve worked with him.

It’s always a challenge to change a strong player, but by bringing in es3tag, I am confident we’re actually coming out a lot stronger from this move. We have high ambitions, and I believe we’re closer to reaching them by this move. No words or talking will bring us there, though, so from here on it’s hard work and focus from each and every one of us.»

Heroic roster:

Marco «Snappi» Pfeiffer
Andreas «MODDII» Fridh
Nikolaj «niko» Kristensen
Jakob «JUGi» Hansen
Patrick «es3tag» Hansen