HEN1 and LUCAS1 want to leave Immortals

ESPN Brasil, an esports portal, informed that 2 Immortals players want to leave the team.

LUCAS1 and HEN1 will return to Brazil together with kNgV-. This is not the first time when brothers Teles want to leave Immortals. Previously, Brazilian players wanted to leave the team in August when they wanted to continue their professional career together with kNgV-.

The players did not hide their disagreements with Immortals decision to sign horvy as a substitute player. They think that by this decision the managed slows down the development of the team.

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If HEN1 and LUCAS1 leave the roster, Immortals automatically lose Legend status that they got on PGL Major Krakow 2017, as only 2 players who became the vice-champions would play for the team.

Currently, there are only two players in the main roster of Immortals: Ricardo «boltz» Prass and Lucas «steel» Lopes. Now they are at the last stage of getting a visa and will soon return to North America to continue trainings.

Immortals roster:

Lucas «steel» Lopes
Ricardo «boltz» Prass
João «horvy» Matheus Rodaczynski Horvath (awaiting visa clearance)

Rafael «zakk» Fernandes (coach)

Lincoln «fnx» Lau (benched)
Lucas «LUCAS1» Teles (benched)
Henrique «HEN1» Teles (benched)