Grayhound signed ex-Immunity

Players who left Team Immunity but continued to play together joined Grayhound esports organization.

On June 18, the management of Team Immunity announced parting ways with the members of CS:GO roster. The players, in their turn, told that 4 of 5 esportsmen will continue to play together.

Grayhound Gaming that signed Grayhound Gaming, is Australian esports organization that has been founded on March 2017. The representatives of Grayhound told that their goal is to become a dominating esports organization of Australia and manage the events that take place in this region.

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A new CS:GO roster Grayhound Gaming will play a debut match against Dark Sided during AOC CyberGamer Premier League. Later this week, they will play on the qualifiers to DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017, where they have been invited.

Grayhound Gaming roster:

Callum «BURNRUOk» Henderson
Mohammed «MoeycQ» Tizani
Sean «Gratisfaction» Kaiwai
Erka «erkaSt» Gantulga
Montheara «prakM» Prak
Alex «Magikkk» Langusch (coach)