GODSENT changed a coach in CS:GO roster

A Swedish organization announced that Niko «naSu» Kovanen joined their CS:GO roster as a coach.

A new coach will help them to prepare to the upcoming tournaments, and develop new strategies.

naSu taking a coach position means that Graham «messioso» Pitt ended their career of a temporal coach for GODSENT. Now, messioso will return to REFRSH Entertainment, where he will work on BLAST Pro Series, that will take place on November 24-25 in Copenhagen.

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It should be mentioned that Niko Kovanen could help PENTA Sports to get to 12-14 place in PGL Major Krakow 2017.

Niko «naSu» Kovanen commentaries:

«Right now I’m extremely happy and motivated to start working with GODSENT. It’s a team with an incredible potential and firepower in the lineup, and after having talked with Kasper Hvidt, Sports Director of RFRSH, I’m happy to say we share the same vision for the team and in regards to coaching in general, and I feel really good knowing I've got the full support of RFRSH behind me.»

GODSENT roster:

Andreas «znajder» Lindberg
Simon «twist» Eliasson
Joakim «disco doplan» Gidetun
Dennis «dennis» Edman
Fredrik «freddieb» Buo

Niko «naSu» Kovanen (coach)