Dignitas win WESG Europe & CIS Qualifiers

WESG Global LAN-Finals European qualifiers are over. 8 best teams passed to the global LAN-finals with total prize pool of $1,500,000.

Astralis, Epsilon eSports, Alternate attax and other famous teams could not manage to succeed in qualifiers. At the same time, Dignitas became the winners of WESG Europe & CIS Qualifiers. They defited GODSENT, Team Kinguin and Team Russia on their way to the champion title. In the grand final, they played against Russian team, but that was one of the easiest match for Dignitas.

Dignitas took the first place and won $30,000, Team Russia took the second place with $18,000, and Virtus.pro became third and received $9,000. For taking the 4th place, Team Kinguin were rewarded with $6,000.

List of teams to join WESG Global LAN-Finals: