CS:GO updates, 16.06.16

CS:GO updates, 16.06.16

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community received a new Gamma Case with the latest game patch.

Gamma Case has 17 weapons in different colors, including new colors for knives.

Full list of updates


  • Added new Gamma Case created by CS:GO community with 17 colors for weapons, including new colors for knives;
  • Access pass for Wildfire Operation can no longer be purchased.


  • New CS:GO players now receive additional bonus for XP in starting ranks;
  • Matchmaking in a competitive mode for new player is now available on 2-nd rank.

Prime Mode updates:

  • To get Prime account a player needs to verify phone number, reach up 21 rank and get a Service Medal;
  • Prime accounts now have new option for matchmaking in competitive mode - they can choose matchmaking with players who have Prime accounts as well;
  • To join Lobby matchmaking, players must have Prime accounts


  • Added new sound for low ammo shooting;
  • Updated sounds and decreased distortion for Mag7, M249 and Negev;
  • Added new sound for smoke bomb, the sound is no longer similar to the sound of bomb defusing;
  • Added new sounds for text messages in Lobby.


  • Money earned at the beginning of the round are not available for using at the same round in classic mode (e.g: you can no longer buy SMG during pistol modes);
  • Compensation for suicide or disconnect will no longer be provided during the warmup and at the beginning of game round;
  • A player who controlled a survived bot receives the reward at the end of the round;
  • Removed 2.5 seconds pause when a player could no longer be killed if he joined the matched after freezetime;
  • Increased mp_halftime_duration limit for 5 minutes;
  • Added new sv_spec_post_death_additional_time console command, which increased a delay between a death of a player and switching for a new player for spectators;
  • sv_alltalk command is changed to sv_talk_enemy_dead and sv_talk_enemy_alive;
  • Live players will no longer see dead players’ messages and vice versa in classic game mode.


  • Fixed fonts for community in browser and for console;
  • Fixed bugs with full-screen mode;
  • All Mac players have a new default setting for Raw Mouse. The setting can be changed by a player.