CS:GO Update for 04.08.16

CS:GO Update for 04.08.16

This night CS:GO developers released a new patch list of updates with new firing sounds and new shooting mechanics.

Game developers were intended to add these updates a long time ago, but they’ve manage to do that only now.

Size of update is ~ 30 MB. Short list of the patch includes the following updates:


-          Added new accuracy recovery mechanics for M4A1-S, M4A4, and AK-47.


-          Increased accuracy of sounds for P250, Five-Seven, Tec-9, CZ75-Auto and Dual Berettas;

-          Added unique sounds for reloading and new distant sounds for P250, Five-Seven, Tec-9 and Dual Berettas.


-          Fixed a rare problem when a player could become a member of enemy team during the competitive mode.

-          Added new sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities convar console command for surf-servers.

-          Fixed respawn in the air and other unexpected locations on the map.

-          Enhanced security system.

-          Improved evaluation and reporting system.

-          Other fixes.