CompLexity Gaming signed a contract with Ptr

Peter «ptr» Gurney has signed a full contract with the organization CompLexity Gaming, having replaced Derek «desi» Branchen on the main roster. The future of Derek is unknown, also, it is unknown who will hold a position of the sniper at the North American eSports club because yay and ptr prefer this role.

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Previously Peter «ptr» Gurney used to play as a sniper in NRG eSports, however, left the organization due to team’s unsatisfactory results. During the time being in NRG, Peter could help the team to win the qualifiers to ESL Pro League Season 4 and ESL Pro League Season 5.

The roster of NRG eSports:

Jacob «yay» Whiteaker
Rory «dephh» Jackson
Brad «androidx23» Foder
Alec «Slemmy» White
Peter «ptr» Gurney