Cloud9 do not change the roster

One of Cloud9 players, Michael «shroud» Grzesiek announced that Cloud9 would not change their CS:GO roster in a new season. The only change in the roster is signing Soham «valens» Chowdhury, a new coach of the roster.

Michael Grzesiek calls Cloud9 a North American variant of, as this team will not be changed as well.

Also, shroud told that signing a new coach was a good decision as the team needs one more person who would think about the tactics in different situations and determine their mistakes.

Soham «valens» Chowdhury is a professional player who ended his esports career in 2015. The last team where he played was CompLexity Gaming. In 2016, he decided to return to the professional CS:GO arena as a coach. The first team that signed valens as a coach was Team SoloMid.

Cloud9 roster:

Jordan «n0thing» Gilbert
Michael «shroud» Grzesiek
Tyler «Skadoodle» Latham
Jake «Stewie2k» Yip
Timothy «autimatic» Ta
Sohama «valens» Chowdhury (coach)