Bntet: «We just need a good coach now»

My congratulations on your victory. What was that? Nobody expected that from your team. What are your feelings?

Yes, it’s unexpected for us too because we are the underdog team and Fnatic is the top 5 team in the world. But we beat it in a bo3 match, which we hadn’t expected. We just played at our best and won. I am really happy.

What do you think about the yesterday’s match? You lost to FaZe without a chance to win.

Our loss to FaZe was really hard. We played 16:2 and 16:6. I think they are one of the best teams in the world. We will keep finding how to beat them and have a better result.

In the next match, you will play with teams that have a 1-1 statistic. Which team would be the best opponent for you?

We don’t know our opponent for the third match but we will just practice and keep an eye on our future opponent, watch their playing style.

Why don’t you have a coach on your team? Are there no professional coaches in Asia?

It’s difficult to find a coach who can speak English and Chinese because we are a team of Indonesian and Chinese players. We need a coach that speaks these languages and has a good experience. It’s difficult to find such person in Asia.

What about any other region? Europe, for example.

It’s maybe even more difficult in Europe. We had tried peacemaker before and we had a language barrier. Peacemaker didn’t speak Chinese and guys didn’t speak English well.

How do you communicate in the game? Do you speak Chinese?

Yes, we understand each other in the game because it’s easy to memorize some spots in Chinese and English. But it’s difficult to have a team conversation with a coach.

Do you use the services of translators?

Yes, we have some translators. We just need a good coach now.

Can you say about your experience of working with peacemaker?

Peacemaker is a good coach, very experienced but we just had a language barrier.