Device explains why NiP performed poorly at IEM Summer 2021

NiP player Nikolai 'device' Ridtz posted a post on his Twitter account where he talked about why the team was defeated at IEM Summer 2021 and couldn't even make it through the group stage.

The esportsman thanked the fans for their support and said that showed an incredible performance:

The energy ran out and we lost to a good game from We'll have to go back to the drawing board and figure out some things in order to become stronger in the future. Thanks for the support, and sorry for the shitty presentation. Next we have BLAST Finals.

NiP were defeated in the playoff match, where prevailed 2-1. In the final stage, VP will fight Team Vitality in the quarterfinal match, and NiP finished their performance at Intel Extreme Masters Summer 2021, taking 7-8 place in the standings. For their efforts, device and his teammates received a $ 6,000 bounty. The next event NiP will take part in will be BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021 with a prize pool of $ 425,000.

IEM Summer 2021 started on June 3 and will end on the 13th. The tournament is held online, and its total prize pool is $ 250,000.

The interim results of IEM Summer 2021 are as follows: