Players have found an exploit in CS: GO that allows you to look through walls

On Twitter-account GabeFollower has information about an interesting exploit associated with viewing through the walls. Anti-cheat is not yet able to recognize this bug and punish users. Information about this exploit appeared on the Twitter account of the players who found this bug.

When using the script, the player can see drawing lines for models of both allies and opponents. The action is similar to what is available using the cl_drawothermodels command. It is noteworthy that this bug can also be applied on the official Valve servers.

Previously, a similar flaw was found in the use of a bomb. Thus, users with its help could look through the walls, but now this possibility is no longer there. It is noteworthy that when Valve fixed this bug, they did not indicate the elimination of the defect in the list of innovations in the patch.