The organizers of the EPIC CIS League 2021 announced their readiness to re-investigate the Akuma case

The HLTV portal interviewed the organizers of the EPIC CIS League 2021, during which there was a scandal with Akuma. Recall that Akuma players were suspected of using side software, which gave an advantage in the fight against opponents in the tournament.

The organizers of the EPIC CIS League 2021 shared their thoughts on the past situation. They talked about the encounter with a large amount of information that came from representatives of both the teams themselves and from the fans of the clubs:

We got acquainted with the information posted in the open letter of the teams, as well as with the large amount of information previously posted by the teams, their representatives and fans on social networks. Over the course of several days, a variety of theories have been put forward, ranging from the use of prohibited programs, access to GOTV, corruption among the tournament administration, and ending with obtaining information about the progress of matches with the help of third parties. It should be noted that these suspicions were supported solely by the interpretation of the actions of the Akuma team players during the viewing of matches and recordings.

The FCC of Russia asked to share interesting new data on the suspects so that the situation could be cleared up. Otherwise, the community will have to accept the view that the Akuma are innocent:

Our investigation did not reveal any evidence to indicate the veracity of these suspicions. If someone has reliable information to the contrary, please contact us at As emphasized earlier, we are ready to re-investigate in the event of new data emerging.

The organizers of the EPIC CIS League 2021 spoke about the reasons for changing the format of the grand final an hour before the start of the fight:

The final up to three wins was planned at the stage of submitting an application to Valve. A veto format for the bo5 match was placed in the tournament regulations, but there really was no direct indication that the final would be held in this format (however, there was no information that it would be held in any other format). Until the final day, we did not receive a single request from stakeholders about the format of the final. We will make sure that such communication is clearer in the future.

EPIC CIS League 2021 was held from May 12 to May 30. Gambit Esports won there, and after the end of the championship, 15 participants in the tournament asked Valve for help in investigating the situation with Akuma.