Flamie will continue to sit on the bench at NAVI

Recently Andrei Gorodensky gave an interview for the team YouTube channel Natus Vincere, in which he spoke about the not very bright future of Yegor 'Flamie' Vasiliev. According to Andrei, Flamie is not yet regarded as a player with whom to continue cooperation. The team wanted to use Egor's help on one of the maps that will be played within the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021, but the team decided to practice Ancient. In this scenario, Yegor Vasiliev does not fit into the scenario with the use of his help in the tournament.

B1ad3 said the following

I had a plan to give Yegor[flamie]a card for BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021. But since three days[after this tournament]comes RMR # 2 immediately, and Ancient needs to be prepared for BLAST, this is difficult to implement. Accordingly, Yegor remains in the same status as he was before. We continue to[play]with the same[line-up in the next two tournaments]. Even three, because three days after RMR is already IEM Cologne 2021.

Flamie left the starting roster of Natus Vincere in April this year. Valery 'B1t' Vakhovsky, who was previously listed in the youth squad and replaced Yegor on some maps, came to the team to replace Vasiliev. Initially, when announcing B1t's arrival in the starting lineup, NAVI said that such a decision is only temporary and Flamie will return to the roster after the end of the EPIC CIS League Spring 2021, but viewers were skeptical about such a statement.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021 will be the next championship in which NAVI will take part. The tournament starts on June 15 and ends on the 20th. It will be held online, and a total prize pool of $ 425,000 will be drawn among the participants.