KrizzeN about Winstrike: "I want to warn the community not to work with this organization. Thanks."

Aydin 'KrizzeN' Turlybekov, who previously represented the interests of Winstrike, confirmed Dmitry 'hooch' Bogdanov's words regarding unfair behavior on the part of Winstrike's management.

KrizzeN reached out to Winstrike on Twitter and inquired about his salary, and also warned the community about misconduct by the club's management:

Hi Winstrike Team, can I get my three months salary and some of the tournament money? It was already May, and they had to pay back in October, it seems... Since February, I have already started to give a damn about this money, because they stopped communicating with me. But I want to warn the community not to work with this organization. Thank you

Aydin Turlybekov joined Winstrike in October 2019 and represented the flags of the organization until December 2020. Together with his teammates, he managed to become the silver medalist of ESL One: Road to Rio - CIS and won the Legend Series Season 6. The cybersportsman left the organization along with bondik before two other players were announced to join the ranks of Winstrike, Forester and Krad...

Well-known CIS insider Alexei 'OverDrive' Biryukov said in January 2021 that Winstrike faced serious financial difficulties, but Umar Chamaev, the roster manager, denied these facts, calling the situation in esports stable. He said that the club really has debts to the players, but those will be paid as soon as the opportunity arises. Proceeding from the fact that the esportsmen left Winstrike together with their coach, who now, apparently, is also the unofficial manager of the team, the opportunity to pay salaries to the players did not appear. Dmitry 'hooch' Bogdanov reported that Winstrike twice violated contractual obligations, in connection with which the players decided to quickly leave the organization.

Cybersportsmen have already found a new club with which they can cooperate. The players play under the tag of the Czech club Entropiq and are currently playing in the EPIC CIS League 2021, where they are fighting for rating points and reaching the Major tournament.