MIBR terminated cooperation with kNgV- and trk

Today, official information about the release from obligations of Vito 'kNgV-' Giuseppe and Alencar 'trk' Rossato to MIBR appeared on social networks. Their contracts with the Brazilian esports club are no longer valid.

The players have already announced that they know how they will continue their careers and will soon make a corresponding announcement.

Vito Giuseppe joined MIBR in September 2019, while trk only became part of the Brazilian team in May 2020. The management decided to transfer these players to the bench after a series of poor results. From January this year to May 1, the duo did not take part in MIBR matches. KNgV-, who once played with LUCAS1 and HEN1, put together a new mix with the twins, which was planning to negotiate with the Brazilian football club Flamengo. To this day, it is not known with what success when and how these negotiations were carried out, or whether they were carried out at all.

The other participants of the Brazilian mix, like kNgV- and trk, have expired their contracts, and therefore the players can look fully at the development of the assembled team. HEN1 ended its cooperation with FURIA Esports, leo_drk left the ranks of Sharks Esports, and DETONA Gaming were now left without v $ m. The treasury of the theory that the five, consisting of kNgV-, trk, HEN1, leo_drk and v $ m, will perform together, counts tweets from e-sportsmen that they have a plan for the near future. There is currently no information on which tag the Brazilian team will play under.

Brazilian roster might look like this