High Coast Esports left without CS: GO roster

High Coast Esports management announces that they have made a decision to release CS: GO players from their duties to the club. It is noteworthy that this happened 2 weeks after such an action towards the Dota roster. On April 24, Ian 'motm' Hardy left the team, who was on probation, and now the duo of players, along with the coach, have completed their journey of cooperation with High Coast.

Brandon 'bew' Roberts and Rodrigo 'RCF' Figueiredo were on loan from Yeah Gaming. They returned there after High Coast left CS: GO.

Ben 'ben1337' Smith and Josh 'PwnAlone' Pigue want to continue their journey with coach Muenster. There is no information about where the cybersportsmen will continue their performances, but most likely, if we see them in any match, then under the tag ex-High Coast Esports.

The High Coast Esports team looked like this