Former NAVI coach on B1t's transition to the starting lineup: "I think this did not come as a surprise to the majority"

Representatives of the Ukrainian e-sports portal gameinside interviewed Mikhail 'Kane' Blagin, a former coach of Natus Vincere. He shared his thoughts on the perfect substitution in the CS: GO roster.

Kane is sure that the majority of viewers expected such decisions from the NAVI management:

"B1t in Navi, I think it did not come as a surprise to the majority. Although the beginning of the year brought the team to the first place in the world rankings, and from this point of view, Yegor deserved a chance. I'm not sure if he had it. B1t is a good player, we saw a lot examples of other young players who have reached the highest level (at least the example of Gambit) ".

Mikhail believes that Yegor 'Flamie' Vasiliev was not the real reason for NAVI's disastrous performances, and there is now a lot of work to be done for the entire line-up.

Kane also said that the success of the new roster could be affected by “losing streak”.

"I am optimistic about the team's prospects. I am curious who will take on the role of the second sniper. The key is that the team must understand that Yegor was not the cause of the latest NAVI failures. The guys have a lot of work to do. Now they are inferior to the best teams in the world. showed good results after the bootcamp. The only thing that raises concerns is that DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 will be unsuccessful. Will the general series of defeats undermine the guys' confidence? "

The replacement of Flamie in the Natus Vincere roster became known yesterday. You can read more about this here.