ENCE left without Saddyx

Tuomas 'Saddyx' Louhimaa has left the ENCE roster. Since the beginning of this year, the esportsman has been on the bench and has been contracted with the Finnish organization. Now Tuomas has become a free agent and is looking for a new organization in which he will continue his career.

The esports organization signed Saddyx late last year for Tuomas Louhimaa to replace the retired sergej, but after the end of DreamHack Masters Winter 2020, he left the starting lineup. After Saddyx left the base, the club management decided to try the international team format for the first time and invited Snappi, dycha and Spinx to join it. Allu and doto are the only Finns in the band.

Niklas 'Willkey' Oyalainen, General Manager of ENCE, said that the agreement between the parties was canceled by mutual agreement, as ENCE could not offer Saddyx a starting position and did not want to interfere with Tuomas Louhimaa's career development.

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